Date: Monday 24th October 2016

Our own filtered charity water   £1.00
Kamm & sons & bitter lemon   £6.00
Aperol Spritz   £7.00
Bellini   £7.50

House sourdough, beef dripping & homemade Jersey butter   £1 per person

Autumn root vegetables, Cavolo Nero, almonds, raisin & tea dressing   £7.25
Rabbit rillettes, cornichons & crostini   £7.25
Cornish Whiting fishcakes, caper berries, radish & tartare sauce   £7.25
Crispy pressed Hebridean lamb, cucumber, candy beets & mustard mayo   £7.50
Lyons Farm White Park beef & Taleggio mac n’ cheese   £8.00

Wild mushroom cake, Jack be little squash, smoked aubergine & blue meat radish £15.50
Cornish hake, spiced cauliflower, Romanesco & lemon butter sauce   £16.50
Saltmarsh lamb leg, Jerusalem artichoke, heritage carrots & Yukon Gold potatoes   £16.50
Whole grilled Witch sole, Pink Fir potatoes, peas & brown caper butter   £17.50
Chart Farm Fallow venison, Cima de Rapa, salsify & beets   £18.50
Hereford D-cut Rump, Roscoff onion, green peppercorn sauce & double dipped chips   £18.50

Roasted Pink Fir potatoes   £4.00   Savoy Cabbage   £3.50   Mixed leaf salad   £3.25

Black Sollies figs, toasted Seirass ricotta, pistachios, lemon & port reduction   £6.50
Pear, red wine & apple crumble, white chocolate & yoghurt sauce   £6.50
Rice pudding bruleé, roasted plums & charred orange   £6.50
Dark chocolate hot pot, salt caramel marshmallow & choc chip mint Chantilly   £7.50
Cheeseboard, Cheddar & Marmite twist, oat cakes & onion & smoked pear chutney £9.50
Broad Oak, Briquette Fleurie, Bleu de Laqueuille, Fleur du Marquis

This is Food Worth Getting Fat For!

Rosamund Urwin
London Evening Standard

  • The Pig and Butcher