Date: Monday 11th December 2017

Our own filtered charity water   £1.00
Mug of Mulled wine   £6.95
Hindleap Blanc de Blanc, Bluebell flute   £9.00

House sourdough, beef dripping & homemade Jersey butter   £1 per person

Butternut squash soup & spicy pumpkin seeds   £4.50
Cornish cod fishcakes, radishes, cucumber & tartar sauce   £7.50
Root vegetable & brassica hash, broken egg, yoghurt & sumac dressing   £7.50
Treacle cured salmon, grilled fig, lemon & Jerusalem artichoke crisps   £7.75
Chart Farm Sika venison liver parfait, charred figs, pickles & sourdough toast    £8.50

Roast Potimarron squash, Roscoff onion, red cabbage & pickled watermelon radish   £15.50
Whole grilled Witch sole, sprout tops & caper butter   £16.50
Gatelands Farm rose veal, mash, chicory & leek cream   £16.50
Cornish cod, brussel sprouts, bacon, chilli, garlic & lemon   £17.50
Lyons Farm Hebridean hogget, tenderstem broccoli, celeriac & sweet potato crisps   £17.50
Hereford D-cut rump, red onion, crispy onion, smoked paprika aioli & double dipped chips   £19.50

Hall Farm Special Reserve chicken cottage pie & Hispi for 2 to share   £15.50 per person

Red Duke of York potatoes   £3.95    /    Hispi cabbage   £3.95    /    Leaf salad   £3.25

Rice pudding brûlée, spice roasted plums & sorbet   £7.25
Mulled pear & apple crumble & white chocolate & yoghurt sauce   £7.25
Sticky date & walnut pudding, toffee sauce & hazelnut brown ice cream    £7.25
Dark chocolate hot pot, salt caramel marshmallow & vanilla ice cream   £9.50
Cheeseboard, Marmite & Cheddar twist, oat cakes & red onion chutney   £9.75
Vacherin Mont D’Or, Langres, Roter Teufel, Stilton

This is Food Worth Getting Fat For!

Rosamund Urwin
London Evening Standard

  • The Pig and Butcher