Date: Monday 11th November 2019 Dinner 6 - 10pm

Filtered water   £1.00 (proceeds go to Great Ormond St Hospital)
Aperol Spritz   £8.00
Masons Yorkshire Gin, Tea Edition & Fever Tree Tonic   £8.00

Sourdough bread, beef dripping & Fen Farm raw cultured butter   £1 per person

Special Reserve chicken liver pate, rowanberry jelly, pickles
& crispbread   £7.00
Celeriac, slow cooked egg yolk, black truffle & walnut relish   £8.00
Kentish wild duck, pickled elderberries, Jerusalem artichokes
& land cress   £8.25
Barber’s Welsh rarebit, Dorset snails, garlic, parsley & celery   £8.75
Cured Shetland salmon, chervil root, fennel & soda bread   £9.25

Heritage squashes, black cabbage, Portobello mushrooms, Somerset ewe’s curd
& chestnuts   £15.75
Lyons Hill Farm pheasant, woodland mushrooms, sprout tops, bacon
& shallots   £16.75
Cornish hake, salsify, sea beet, gold & ruby beetroots   £18.50
Paddock Farm Tamworth pork, spinach, turnips
& Mrs Brown’s black pudding   £19.00
Whole Atlantic plaice, brown shrimp, capers, heritage carrots
& sea purslane   £19.50
Lake District Hereford Flank steak, bone marrow
& triple cooked chips   £22.50

Paddock Farm Tamworth pork Cowboy chop, honey roasted swede, cider pickled prunes, sweetheart greens & triple cooked chips
for 2 to share   £21.00 per person

Dark chocolate & rosemary truffles (2)   £3.00
Caramelised rice pudding & plum compote   £5.00
Bramley apple, blackberry & almond crumble & vanilla ice cream   £7.50
Carrot & walnut cake, blonde chocolate sauce
& lemon curd ice cream   £7.95
Dark chocolate hot pot, hazelnuts & milk ice cream   £9.95
Cheeseboard, pickled walnut, grapes, celery, damson paste & oat cakes   £11.00
   Westcombe Cheddar, Ogleshield, Baron Bigod, Sinodun Hill, Shropshire Blue

This is Food Worth Getting Fat For!

Rosamund Urwin
London Evening Standard

  • The Pig and Butcher
  • The steak is almost unimprovably delicious!

    Amol Rajan
    The Independent