Date: Monday 21st May 2018


Filtered water   £1.00 (proceeds go to Great Ormond St Hospital)
Aperol Spritz   £7.50
William Chase Elegant 48 gin & Fever-Tree tonic   £9.00

House sourdough, beef dripping & homemade Jersey butter   £1 per person

Cod fishcakes, crushed peas, radishes & tartare sauce   £7.50
Special Reserve chicken & Quicke’s Cheddar mac n’ cheese   £7.50
Burratina, peas, broad beans, roast shallot & Padron peppers   £7.75
Crispy sprats, Heirloom tomatoes & basil dressing   £7.75
High Hurst Farm Berkshire pork brawn, cherry tomatoes, pickled apples & crostini   £8.25

Portwood asparagus, turmeric roasted cauliflower, broken egg & pomegranate dressing   £15.50
Special Reserve chicken leg, Lyonnaise potatoes & tenderstem broccoli   £15.50
Whole grilled megrim sole, chilli, garlic & fennel salad   £16.50
Gatelands Farm rose veal, carrots, courgette & sauce Vierge   £17.50
Cornish John Dory, grilled Linda potatoes, peas, radishes & asparagus   £19.50
Aberdeen Angus Onglet, crispy onion, red onion, smoked paprika aioli & double dipped chips   £21.50

Hereford D-cut rump, crispy onion, red onion, smoked paprika aioli & double dipped chips for 2 to share   £24.50 per person

New potatoes   £4.25   /   Hispi, chilli, garlic & lemon   £3.50 /   Leaf salad   £3.25

Dark chocolate & rosemary truffles (2)   £3.00
Rice pudding brûlée, confit blood orange & sorbet   £7.75
White chocolate set cream, rhubarb, meringue & baked white chocolate crisps   £7.75
Carrot & ginger cake, spiced syrup & goat’s curd ice cream   £7.75
Dark chocolate hot pot, salt caramel marshmallow & vanilla ice cream   £9.95
Cheeseboard, Marmite & Cheddar twist, oat cakes & membrillo   £10.75
   Meule Bio, Cropwell Bishop Stilton, Le Claousou de Causses, Mothais sur Feuille

This is Food Worth Getting Fat For!

Rosamund Urwin
London Evening Standard

  • The Pig and Butcher
  • The steak is almost unimprovably delicious!

    Amol Rajan
    The Independent