Sunday at The Pig & Butcher

Sunday 14th January 2018

Our own filtered charity water   £1.00

Mug of Mulled wine   £6.95
P&B Bloody Mary   £6.00
Bloody Caesar   £7.00

Spiced butternut squash soup & sourdough toast   £5.00
Salted pollock fishcakes, tartare sauce, roasted shallots & radishes   £7.50
Root vegetable hash, Haloumi & yoghurt & sumac   £7.50
Angus braised beef mac n’ cheese   £7.75
The board to share: – Scotch egg, Sausage roll, Cornish Mackerel pâté, Special Reserve chicken wings, Taramasalata , pickles & crostini   £16.50

Spiced red cabbage, potato & Cheddar fritters, spiced, poached, brussel tops & wild mushrooms   £15.50
Grilled tranche of turbot, Red Duke of York potatoes, kale & capers   £16.95

Slow cooked pulled Waveney Valley pork shoulder & Bramley apple sauce   £16.95
Roasted leg of Saltmarsh lamb   £18.50
Roasted dry aged Hereford sirloin   £19.50
Hall Farm Special Reserve chicken crown & lemon & thyme butter for 2 to share   £17.25 per person
Paddock Farm Tamworth pork Cowboy chop & Bramley apple sauce for 2 to share   £17.95 per person

All of our roasts are served with a Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, creamed leeks & vegetables. 
Please be aware that we serve our roast lamb & beef rare.

Side of roast potatoes    £3.75    /    Hispi cabbage    £3.75    /    Carrots    £3.75

Rice pudding brûlée, spice roasted plums & sorbet   £7.25
Mulled pear & apple crumble & white chocolate & yoghurt sauce   £7.25
Sticky date & walnut pudding, toffee sauce & hazelnut brown ice cream    £7.25
Dark chocolate hot pot, salt caramel marshmallow & vanilla ice cream   £9.50
Cheeseboard, Marmite & Cheddar twist, oat cakes & red onion chutney   £9.75
Vacherin Mont D’Or, Langres, Roter Teufel, Stilton