Sunday at The Pig & Butcher

Sunday 17th October 2021      

Filtered Sparkling & Still water   £1.00
P&B Bloody Mary   £7.50
Bloody Caesar   £8.00

Pickled mushroom, braised baby onions, radish & tarragon   £7.50
Cured Plymouth mackerel, Isle of Wight tomatoes,
nori & basil dressing   £7.75
Braised pig’s head, crushed broad beans & Penny Bun vinaigrette   £8.00
Lyon’s Hill Farm Portland lamb faggot,
runner beans & Gentleman’s relish   £8.50
Chilled courgette & basil soup, Isle of Portland crab & seaweed oil   £9.75
The Board to share: Black pudding scotch egg & butcher’s sauce,
Iron Age pork rillettes, White Park beef croquette with parsley mayo,
cured Chalk Stream trout & dill crème fraiche,
pickles & crispbread   £18.50

Heritage beetroots, Dorstone, toasted walnuts,
crispbread & watercress sauce   £16.00
Grilled Atlantic skate wing, brown crab butter,
spinach & pickled fennel   £21.00

Celeriac nut roast, truffle, caramelised shallot & mushroom gravy   £16.50
Tamworth pork loin & Bramley apple sauce   £19.50
Roasted Elwy Valley lamb leg   £20.00
Daphne’s Welsh lamb shank balsamic glaze & spelt   £21.00
Dry aged Lyons Hill Farm Hereford Sirloin   £22.00

Sutton Hoo chicken crown, brioche & herb stuffing
for 2 to share   £19.50 per person

All of our roasts are served with Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, greens,
carrots & cauliflower cheese.

Please be aware that we serve our roast beef & lamb pink.

Ginger Jamaica cake, whisky toffee sauce,
orange & cardamom ice cream   £7.50
Black fig, caramelised goat’s milk, sesame, spelt & fig leaf granita   £7.75
Alfonso mango, lime leaf curd & coconut sorbet   £7.75
Poached white peach, almond & lemon verbena custard   £7.75
Warm chocolate pudding, Victoria plum, pistachios
& buttermilk ice cream   £9.75
Cheeseboard, Irish Soda cracker,
spiced Bramley apple & ale chutney   £14.00
   Hafod, St James, Tunworth, Brightwell Ash, Stilton