Sunday at The Pig & Butcher

Our menu celebrates the best of the season’s offering. To do this you need a kitchen of highly trained chefs & close relationships with your suppliers.

We only use the best farms & suppliers in the UK & talk to them daily to find out what produce is good to use.


Sample Sunday Lunch Menu 


Bloody Mary   11

Elderflower Lemonade   6

Elderflower & Prosecco   11


For The Table

Marinated Olives  5

Pork Scratching’s, Apple Sauce  6

Sourdough Bread, Whipped Butter & Beef Dripping   2 per person
Pig & Butcher Scotch Egg, Rapeseed Mayo   8

Whipped Cod’s Roe, Cucumber, Focaccia Crostini   8

Cobble Lane Charcuterie, Pickled Chilli   10

Broccoli Soup, Chilli Oil, Sourdough   9

Grilled Goats Cheese, Land Cress, Truffle Mayo  9

Devonshire Crab Gratin, Crostini   12

Chicken Liver Parfait, Toasted Sourdough, Onion Chutney   8

Aged Beef Tartar, Egg Yolk, Thyme Crostini   12


Celeriac Tart Tatin, Vegan Gravy   21

45 Day Salt Aged Yorkshire Sirloin   27

Tamworth Pork Belly, Bramley Apple Sauce   25

Sutton Hoo Chicken Crown for 2 to share   24 per person

Braised Hereford Lamb Shoulder for 2 to share   28 per person


Garden Salad   6

Cauliflower Cheese   6

Extra Honey Roasted Carrots & Parsnips   6

Extra Garlic & Rosemary Roast Potatoes   6


All our roasts are served with Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, greens, honey roasted carrots & parsnips.