Today’s Menu

We change our menu daily. To do this, you need a kitchen of highly trained chefs & close relationships with your suppliers. We only use the best farms & suppliers in the U.K & talk to them daily to find out what produce is good to use.

Monday 16th October 2017

Our own filtered charity water   £1.00
Negroni   £7.25
Bellini   £7.75

House sourdough, beef dripping & homemade Jersey butter   £1 per person

Devilled Special Reserve chicken livers on toast, Padron peppers & crispy egg   £7.50
Jack Be Little squash, Autumnal veg stuffing, Cavolo nero & orange dressing   £7.50
Mackerel pate, samphire, pickled cauliflower & crisp bread   £7.75
Rabbit, nutmeg & Quicke’s Cheddar mac n’ cheese   £7.50
Cornish Octopus & red kidney bean ragout, roast shallot & cucumber salad   £8.00

Carrot & cumin fritters, poached egg, smoked Jerusalem artichoke, hispi & leek sauce   £15.50
Hall Farm Special Reserve chicken leg, butternut squash, Kalamata olives & corn   £15.50
Grilled Plaice, spice roasted cauliflower & capers   £16.50
Saltmarsh lamb rump, chicory, purple sprouting broccoli & carrots   £17.50
Cornish Hake, Red Duke of York potatoes, red onion & peas £17.50
Hereford D-cut rump, crispy onion, smoked paprika aioli, bone marrow & double dipped chips   £19.50

80 day aged Lyons Farm White Park Rump, crispy onion, smoked paprika aioli, bone marrow & double dipped chips for 2 to share £26.50 per person

Red Duke of York potatoes   £3.95    /    Hispi cabbage   £3.95    /    Leaf salad   £3.25

Rice pudding brûlée, spice roasted plums & sorbet   £6.95
Sticky date & walnut pudding, toffee sauce & vanilla ice cream    £7.25
White chocolate & yoghurt panna cotta, figs, pomegranate & salted cashew brittle   £7.25
Dark chocolate hot pot, salt caramel marshmallow & vanilla ice cream   £9.50
Cheeseboard, Cheddar roll, oat cakes & red onion chutney   £9.75
Rocomadour, Burwash Bethnal Pale, 4Ewes Cheddar, Cashel Blue